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Heavy Lifting

Bariatrics have special needs

Liko has long experience in working with overweight patients. For many years we have collaborated closely with several large hospitals in North America which specialise in the care and treatment of bariatric patients. This has made us pioneers in the industry for lift solutions specially adapted for very large patients.

Lifting equipment which can handle heavy loads is not sufficient when working with bariatric patients. Specially adapted lifting accessories and knowledge of how the lift should be performed in the safest possible way are just as important.

Examples of Product Solutions

  • Viking XL Mobile Lift
    The Viking series consists of several different mobile lifts designed for a range of application areas and maximum loads. Viking L and XL have a lifting capacity of 250 kg (550 lbs) and 300 kg (660 lbs), respectively, and are excellent alternatives for many bariatric patients. As the lifts are made of aluminium, they are relatively easy to manoeuvre - even with heavy loads. Read more about Viking XL »
  • Ceiling-Mounted UltraTwin
    Our ceiling-mounted UltraTwin system consists of two Likorall motors which together give a lifting capacity of up to 500 kg (1,100 lbs). The UltraTwist accessory offers a unique possibility to adjust the patient’s position during and after the transfer. The lifts are operated using one or two hand controls. Read more about the ceiling-mounted UltraTwin »
  • UltraSling
    UltraSling is our sling for sitting lifts and transfers of the heaviest patients. The sling has separate leg sections which connect to their own sling bar. Ultra Sling has a max. load of 500 kg (1,100 lbs) and is used together with our UltraTwin system, either in a permanent installation or a free-standing FreeSpan. Read more about UltraSling »
  • RepoSheet® Ultra
    Turning and positioning heavy patients in order to avoid bed sores can be a difficult problem on many wards. The RepoSheet® Ultra is designed for the largest patients and has a max. load of 500 kg (1,100 lbs). It is used with the UltraTwin system or, a Viking mobile lift. Read more about RepoSheet »
  • Free-Standing UltraTwin
    When the lifting need is temporary or if a permanent installation is not possible, our free-standing system FreeSpan is an excellent solution. FreeSpan UltraTwin is available both as a straight rail and as a traverse system to cover large parts of the room. Max. Load: up to 500 kg (1,100 lbs). Read more about FreeSpan UltraTwin »
  • Gait Training with LiftPants
    Getting heavy patients onto their feet is a very important step in their rehabilitation, for example, after an operation. Ultra LiftPants gives good support to the whole body and gives the patient the confidence to take those first steps. Max. load: up to 500 kg (1,100 lbs). Read more about Ultra LiftPants »

From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.