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Pain-Sensitive Need the highest possible consideration

When lifting patients who are especially sensitive, it is important to select lifting aids with care and plan well so that the entire lift operation is as gentle as possible. Remember to select a sling made of gentle fabric with soft-padded or reinforced, pressure-relieving surfaces.

For sitting lifts, a careful choice of both sling and sling bar is important when working with pain-sensitive patients. For other lift situations, we have specially designed products and accessories for especially sensitive patients.

Sling Bars

For patients who are pain sensitive in the upper body, a wider sling bar can help to prevent pressure or unnecessary touching of the sensitive areas. A four-point suspension can provide a more comfortable reclined sitting posture which can reduce the pressure under the legs. We have several sling bars for this purpose, for example,

  • Universal TwinBar 670
  • Sling Cross-Bar 450
  • Sling Cross-Bar 670
  • Universal SideBars

Sit-to-Stand Lift

The sit-to-stand lift Sabina II can be equipped with the wide Comfort SlingBar and is then used together with Liko ComfortVest. The ComfortVest fits on the outside of the patient's arms, which is good for patients who are sensitive to pressure in the armpit, for instance.

Slings for Sitting Lifts

Many of the slings in our wide accessory range are available in fabrics especially adapted to pain-sensitive patients, either as standard products or in our ordering range. 

  • Many common slings are also available with leg supports or strap loops padded with soft, synthetic sheepskin, which feels gentler against the body and skin.
  • Another common solution is slings with reinforced leg supports, back, or head section. The reinforcement of the sling's polyester fabric distributes the pressure over a larger area, preventing the fabric from cutting into the skin, which can be experienced as painful by sensitive patients. Most of our slings are available in designs with reinforcement.

Read more about our slings in our smart Sling Guide and use it to find a suitable sling »


For sensitive or injured patients who have to be lifted in a horizontal position, in surgery or ICU settings, for instance, we have several specially developed stretchers.

LikoStretch 600 IC lifts the patient completely horizontally and the straps are very gentle to the skin during application and removal. Read more »  

From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.