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Stand/Gait Training securely and safely

For rehabilitation after an operation or injury, a patient lift is an irreplaceable aid. It is important to choose an aid which does not hamper the patient's physical development, but which is there as support and gives the security to encourage progress. With a patient lift and the right aid, the rehabilitation time can be reduced considerably.

Also in rehabilitation, the lift is a popular aid which is used daily for lifting to and from the floor or precisely for gait training.

The sit-to-stand lift can aid in the heavy raising operation and then let the patient train in a standing position. This strengthens the skeleton and muscles, and facilitates the work for the inner organs.

Mobile Lifts and Overhead Lifts

Most patient lifts in our range can be used for standing and gait training. Especially suitable are mobile lifts which are equipped with Armrests and have a somewhat higher lifting interval, for example Golvo or Viking XL/L/M (Armrests are available as accessories for the Viking series). Read more about our mobile lifts » 

Naturally, an overhead lift installed in a straight rail (above the bars) or traverse system is also good, thanks to the generous lifting height and the fact that the lift is not in the way. Here it can be appropriate to use a walking aid as support, a solution which also can work well together with a mobile lift. Read more about our overhead lifts » 


For standing and gait training with a mobile or overhead lift, we have Liko MasterVest, model 60/64 and Liko LiftPants, model 92 in our range. While the MasterVest takes the heaviest load around the upper body and sometimes under the arms, the LiftPants primarily lift in the crotch, which can suit patients who are sensitive to pressure on the upper body. The padding in the crotch relieves the pressure.

For children who use a standing shell, we have the Liko Vest for StandingShell, model 67, which is applied around the standing shell and which, together with a patient lift, helps to lift the patient to a standing position.

Sit-to-Stand Lifts

The sit-to-stand lift Sabina or the raising support RollOn are excellent aids for primarily older persons who have difficulties getting up but who then can stand more or less by themselves. To raise up regularly, and even stand up for a while, is an important exercise in maintaining or strengthening the body's functions and is also important in activating inner organs and intestines.


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.